Did I hear you right?

Busy Mum’s How to deflect criticism and accept compliments!

Have you ever experienced comments from people about changes that you have gone through or going through?

I definitely have 😂🤦‍♀️!!!

I went to an event sometime ago, two people came up to me separately;

‘one with horror on her face says…OMG you’ve lost so much weight’!

The other one…’oh finally you have put on weight!😱’!

This didn’t bother me at all because I have thought myself over the years not to focus too much on what people say about me.

These comments certainly shows what they are going through.

I could have turned around and told them a thing or two. But knowing the negative impact such comments can have on other peoples mental health, I didn’t.

I have always fluctuated between 65kg and 68kg since my early 30s.

As a Wellness Coach, I educate my clients on healthy weight and weight loss if that’s their goal. But in my personal life, I don’t do it.

“When someone tells another person they have “such a pretty face,’ there is a subconscious tagline that the rest of you isn’t so pretty”. It is advised to respond to that, “Thank you, so do you.”

That leaves the person nowhere to go with their next, supposedly constructive comment.

People often don’t understand complicated conditions like obesity. Obesity may be a result of underlying genetic tendencies, thyroid problems, or even lack of exercise.

“Others may never understand the struggle overweight people go through,”

People don’t differentiate between those who are trying hard and those who aren’t.

Unfortunately, some people venture to advise out of a sense of misguided caring.

Don’t forget that what is said comes from their own back story. Sometimes prejudice is a way of gaining superiority.

Often these comments hide hostility or a desire for you to fail in your healthy journey efforts.

How to Respond

Ask yourself, is this person someone you need to wrap up energy in?

Your response will also depend on the nature of your relationship with the person.

If you know this is a sincere person who cares about you, you may not take offense.

In all, you have a choice to live your best life ever despite what people think as you take the journey to being the best version of yourself.


Your Wellness Coach,

Mary Dwase.

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